RosiaRing maat 52

Meet our beautiful ring called Rosia! Are you looking for a ring that stands out on its own? No more searching needed! Because this elegant ring has a collection of three different gemstones, it is the perfect eyecatcher. The ring is available in gold and silver. 

The gemstones of the goldplated Rosia embraces earthy colors. Each stone has its own meaning and advantages. We’ll sum them up for you!  

The circle-shaped stone is made of citrine. Citrine symbolizes selfrespect and happiness.  

In the middle there’s gold rutile quartz. This stunning gemstone stands for hope and selflove.  

The dark and shady gemstone is made of smoky quartz. This powerful gemstone helps you with relaxing and brings positivity into your life. 

Détail Ring gold plated Rosia maat 52